Lasker, Emanuel (1868-1941)

2nd World Champion, 1894 - 1921

Born in Barlinek, Germany in 1868. His first successes came after winning a tournament in London at the age of 24. At the age of 25 Lasker went to the USA to challenge Steinitz for the World Championship. The match took place in 1894 in three different cities. With a score of ten games to five with four games drawn Lasker became the new World Champion.
Although he was challenged several times, he was to retain the World Champion title for 27 years, the longest period ever. Lasker always demanded large appearance fees for his matches. He had witnessed former World Champion, Steinitz and other players end up poverty-stricken and wanted to make things better for future chess players. However, despite his efforts chess masters were still dying in poverty.