Puzzle of the week #185

Submitted by Eugen on Sun, 02/19/2012 - 22:52

Eliminating the defender (1)

Chess Diagram
[Event "Puzzle #185"][Date "2012.02.19"][Result "1-0"][SetUp "1"][FEN "2r3k1/ppq1pp1p/3pb1pQ/6Pn/2rNP3/2N2P2/PPP5/2KR3R w - - 0 1"]
Eliminating the defender is one of the simplest methods to attack. Good analysis helps a lot with spotting who the defenders are, but this is only the beginning. Good, solid calculation is still required to bring home the victory. [b]Your tasks of the day:
a) Analyse the position and decide if "eliminating the defender" or "attacking on opposite sides" applies here
b) White to move and win the fastest possible way
c) Bonus question: can you guess the opening played just by looking at the position?[/i]
Total available points for this puzzle is 25. The answers will be published next week together with puzzle #186.

Puzzle #184 solution:
Cruz - Seirawan, Moscow Olympiad 1994. One third of the solvers observed the essential detail: Black's King is and remains in the square of all those White passed pawns long enough to stop them and get a new Queen. Philip and Ziyao has the best answers this time around. Ziyao:
a) King activity: Black's King is more active and can stop both pawns. White's king only supports one of his passed pawns, which although important, will not help him win/ save the game.
Black's King more or less occupies the center and plays an active role there.
White's plan should be to advance his pawns ASAP before Black can create a passer and win.
Black's plan is to eliminante White's threats and create a passer, then push and promote it.

[Event "Puzzle #184"][Date "2012.02.12"][Result "0-1"][SetUp "1"][FEN "8/8/3k4/5P2/1KP3pp/4P3/7P/8 b - - 0 1"]1...Ke5 {Trying to capture the f-pawn and eliminating one of the dangers} 2.c5 Kxf5 3.c6 Ke6 4.Kc5 {Stopping Black from getting closer} 4...g3 {Creating a passed pawn} 5.hxg3 h3 6.c7 Kd7 7.Kb6 h2 {Not allowing White's King to go to b7 to support his pawn. White cannot promote his pawn anymore}

Correct solutions:
Philip, Ziyao - 20 points
Leroy - 18 points
Harmony - 15 points
Alex - 12 points
Jefrrey - 10 points
James, Daniel - 8 points
Leo, Coco, Derrick - 5 points

Philip - 114 points
Jeffrey - 86 points
James, Harmony - 84 points
Ziyao - 81 points
Daniel - 73 points
Leroy - 55 points
Derrick - 51 points
Alex - 47 points
Leo - 45 points
Coco - 39 points
Kevin - 15 points