Puzzle of the week #157

Chess Diagram: 

[Event "Puzzle #157"][Date "2011.03.27"][Result "0-1"][SetUp "1"][FEN "8/pQRq2pk/4p2p/3r1p2/3P4/4P3/PP3PPP/6K1 b - - 0 1"]

Today's puzzle reminds me so much of our club games, I could not resist choosing it. My hope is you will see how simple chess is when you pay attention and do the right thing, so you will challenge yourselves to do a better job every week. The situation is very simple: it is Black's turn to move. You have to decide the following:
a) Who has the advantage
b) What is the most probable result? Write a line to show it

Total available points for this puzzle is 20. The answers will be published next week together with puzzle #158.

Puzzle #156 solution:
Game Zita-Bronstein, 1957. A lot more of you have been successful in finding the solution. This time I chose Philip's solution, recognizing his constant good work week after week. Also his solution was a bit different from everyone else, but it ended the same way.
a) Analyse the position for both sides.
White is down by a pawn, and has one isolated pawn. White has three major pieces on d-file but is blocked by Black's pawn chain. The King is relatively more active than Kg8. It's a disadvantage with all the major pieces on the board but after trading the Queen and Rooks it could become advantage.
Black is up by a pawn. Four pawns are well connected. King is safe. Although King and Queen are on the same g-file, there is no immediate danger to get pinned by White's Rook since White can't do either Rg1 or Rg5. Black's two Rooks are connected and controlling the f-file.
b) Black to move and win. See solution below:

[Event "Puzzle #156"][Date "2011.03.20"][Result "0-1"][SetUp "1"][FEN "5rk1/2p3qp/1p1p1r2/p2R4/2P5/PPKQP3/8/3R4 b - - 0 1"]1...c6 {White's Rook is under attack. The whole 5th rank is controlled by Black except h5-square. But if White does Rh5, then Black can do discovery check Rf5+ and win that Rook. So the only logical move for white is to retreat} 2.Rd4 c5 3.Re4 (3.Rd5 Rf2+ 4.Rd4 cxd4+ {Black wins}) (3.Rh4 Rf4+ 4.Kc2 Rxh4 {Black wins}) 3...Re6+ 4.Kc2 Qg2+ {Black has a double attack on the e4-Rook. It doesn't matter what White responds, that Rook will fall. Black has decisive advantage after capturing it and should win the game eventually}

Correct solutions:
Ziyao, James, Leo, Harmony, Jeffrey, Philip - 20 points
Alex - 10 points
Leroy, Daniel - 8 points

Ziyao - 179 points
Harmony - 173 points
James - 145 points
Alex - 131 points
Philip - 129 points
Leo - 120 points
Jeffrey - 95 points
Leroy - 86 points
Derrick - 73 points
Frank - 36 points
Kevin - 34 point
Daniel - 30 points
Danny - 19 points
Karl - 13 points


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