Puzzle of the week #183

Chess Diagram: 

[Event "Puzzle #183"][Date "2012.02.05"][Result "0-1"][SetUp "1"][FEN "8/K1k5/Pp6/7p/7p/8/6P1/8 w - - 0 1"]

One side has a crystal clear idea in mind, while the other one has understood it too. The game becomes a mind battle: who is going to find the right play to get the result they desire? Analysing the position is going to help you solve it. Your tasks:
a) What is the crystal clear idea both players have in mind here?
b) White to move: can it get the result it desires? Three different lines are needed to find the correct answer here

Total available points for this puzzle is 35. The answers will be published next week together with puzzle #184.

Puzzle #182 solution:
Colle – Grunfeld, Carlsbad, 1929. There were a lot of short solutions showing me little work and effort on behalf of quite a few. A lot more is needed if we want to be successful. Philip had a good answer on his first try, while Ziyao got it right the second time. Philip has the floor:
a) Yes Black can save the game. Basically, Black needs to keep up with White's King; after Black captures White's sacrificed h-pawn, Black is able to get to the a8-square in time. Because White's both pawns are at the edges of the board, Black can get a draw.
b) Solution:

[Event "Puzzle #182"][Date "2012.01.31"][Result "1/2-1/2"][SetUp "1"][FEN "8/8/8/p6p/P4K1P/8/4k3/8 b - - 0 1"]1...Kd3 2.Kg5 Ke4 3.Kxh5 Kf5 4.Kh6 Kf6 5.h5 Kf7 6.Kg5 Kg7 7.Kf5 Kh6 8.Ke5 Kxh5 9.Kd5 Kg6 10.Kc5 Kf7 11.Kb5 Ke8 12.Kxa5 Kd7 13.Kb6 Kc8 14.Ka7 (14.a5 Kb8 15.a6 Ka8 {Draw}) 14...Kc7 Draw

Correct solutions:
Philip - 20 points
Ziyao - 19 points
Kevin, Derrick - 15 points
Daniel, James, Leo, Coco, Alex - 10 points

Philip - 79 points
Ziyao - 68 points
James - 61 points
Jeffrey - 46 points
Alex - 43 points
Daniel - 40 points
Harmony, Derrick - 39 points
Leo, Coco - 38 points
Kevin - 15 points
Leroy - 12 points


Stalemate combination