Puzzle of the week #276

Chess Diagram: 

[Event "Puzzle #276"][Date "2015.04.20"][Result "1-0"][SetUp "1"][FEN "4r1k1/pp1n1b2/1qp3p1/4B1P1/P1P4P/3p4/2P1QR1K/5R2 w - - 0 1"]

This position was part of a very disputed World Championship match of the past. Black saw his Bf7 being attacked by the Rook battery, but decided he still had enough time to take a pawn on d3, attack white's Queen and pin the dominant e5-Bishop; not a bad result for a pawn exchange move, right? Your tasks:
a) Analyse the position and decide who's better
b) You are white and must find the best response line you can think of

Total available points for this puzzle is 20. The answers will be published next time together with puzzle #277.

Puzzle #275 solution:
Game Pollock – NN, Buffalo 1893. No less than 7 solvers saw the correct solution and this is a very good thing! Unfortunately identifying the tactics used by white proved to be a more complicated task, nobody listing more than 3 correct ones in their answers.
b) Tactics used for the solution:
Queen sac
Discovered double check (double attack)
Remove the defender
Rook sac
Back rank mate

[Event "Puzzle #275"][Date "2015.04.05"][Result "1-0"][SetUp "1"][FEN "r3kb1r/1pp3p1/p3bp1p/5q2/3QN3/1P6/PBP3P1/3RR1K1 w kq - 0 1"]1.Qd7+ Bxd7 2.Nd6+ Kd8 3.Nf7+ Kc8 4.Re8+ Bxe8 5.Rd8#

Correct solutions:
Jalen, Coco, Yakov, Bradley, Hyson, Deryk - 16 points
Cody - 12 points
Aaron - 5 points
Benjamin, Terry, Andrew - 2 points

Coco - 170 points
Bradley - 151 points
Cody - 145 points
Jalen - 134 points
Benjamin - 132 points
Hyson - 125 points
Deryk - 101 points
Aaron - 90 points
Yakov - 88 points
Terry - 67 points
Uros - 15 point
Dheera, Andrew - 7 points