Puzzle of the week #61

Chess Diagram: 

[Event "Puzzle #61"][Date "2009.03.06"][Result "1-0"][SetUp "1"][FEN "8/1p2N3/1p6/1pkBK3/1p6/8/P7/8 w - - 0 1"]

The battle of Posada (see the very nice Wikipedia article about it) is one very famous historical success of a Romanian King namely Basarab I against invaders. It is famous because of the big difference in size between armies, as well as about the strategy used by Basarab I. Luring the enemy into a confined space, erased right away the advantage in numbers and military experience. We don't know more details about the soldiers who fought in that battle except for the names of the two army Commanders and one brave soldier who saved King's Charles I Robert life. Today, after hundreds of years have passed, the strategy from those days still applies on our modern battle field which is the chessboard.
The author of the above position is unknown, but the result is not. You are in charge of the White army and have a clear assignment:
a) Lead your army to mate in 6 moves; after the first key move (valued at 8 points) several mates are possible based on how Black responds (each mate values 2 points). Total here is: 8 + 2 x 16 = 40 points
b) What is the connection between the battle of Posada and this puzzle? (5 points)

Total available points for this puzzle is 45. The answers will be published next week together with puzzle #62.

Puzzle #60 solution:
Joshua's response is chosen one more time as the most complete and valuable one:
a) The differences between this puzzle and Puzzle #52 are:
1. In Puzzle #52, the White Knight on c6 blocks the White Queen and the Black King can escape to a6 or b6
2. In Puzzle #52, the Black King can go to a4. 3. In this puzzle, the two White Knights are protecting each other
b) and c) See solution:

[Event "Puzzle #60"][Date "2009.02.27"][Result "1-0"][SetUp "1"][FEN "2K5/8/5Q2/1kN5/8/1N6/2P5/8 w - - 0 1"]1.Nd3! (1.Kb7 {The King cannot move first because it wastes a move and does not help any White pieces to checkmate in the next move} 1...Kc4 2.Qd4+ Kb5) (1.Qf1+ {The Queen should not move first because it can't help its pieces to checkmate in the next move} 1...Kb4 2.Nd3+ Kc3) (1.c4+ {The c2-pawn should not move first because it would be just a wasted move because it does not help the White pieces to checkmate in the next move} 1...Kxc4 2.Qd4+ Kb5) (1.Nd4+ {The b3-Knight should not move first because the Black King can take the c5-Knight for free and there is no mate in the next move} 1...Kxc5 2.Qe5+ Kc4) 1...Kc4 (1...Ka4 2.Qa6#) 2.Qc6#

Correct solutions:
Andy Q, Joshua, John, James, Karl, Jeremy, Nathaniel, Andy Y, Wilson - 31 points
Mark, Humphrey - 30 points
Marcus - 26 points
Marcus - 1 point for puzzle #52

John - 170 points
Joshua - 165 points
Jeremy - 163 points
Andy Qian - 162 points
Mark - 158 points
Andy Yee - 127 points
Karl - 123 points
James - 96 points
Wilson - 90 points
Humphrey - 81 points
Jacky - 80 points
Marcus - 74 points
Katerina - 45 points
Nathaniel - 42 points
Joanne - 21 points
Darren - 20 points


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