Puzzle of the week #68

Chess Diagram: 


Last night in class we have started to work on this week's puzzle, since it is something new and requires quite an amount of work to finish it. What you have is a finished game from beginning to end, presented to you by 8 diagrams. Above is the first diagram after 5 moves. Each diagram shows all pieces after a sequence of moves and comparing it with the diagram before, should give you clues on what pieces have moved. Your task:
a) Guess all the moves made in the game in the correct order.
For each group of moves correctly identified and reaching the position required for each diagram, you get 5 points. Given the fact we have 8 diagrams in total, the maximum number of points you can gain is 40. If you need a copy of the lesson, please email me!
The answers will be published next week together with puzzle #69.

Puzzle #67 solution:
John has put together another complete answer. Please read it and learn!
"Black's positives:
1. Ba8 shooting a laser beam down on the White King.
2. Nd3 is killing, on the dominating d3. It is EASILY worth a Rook!
3. Rg8 sclicing the g-file off. Kh1 can't get out.
4. Qe6 supporting the attack and ready to launch an attack. Black's plan is to break the a8-h1 diagonal open to so Ba8 and Rg8 can work together. Meanwhile, Nd3 will smother it's way into White's territory making White defend. Then the final blow will be when Qe6 come in, with a crushing attack.
Black's negatives:
1. His King is not THAT safe so Black will have to make sure White doesn't get to check his King and doesn't gain counter-play. Although this will be fairly easy to take care of.
2. Black only other little negative is being down a pawn, but Black's attack is more than enough for it. White's positives.
1. Is up a pawn but it is VERY hard for him to get a little chance for him to use it.
2. Putting pressure on the Black pieces. i.e.: f3 putting pressure on e4, Be2 and Qc2 putting pressure on Nd3. But Black's crushing attack can too easily out-wiegh this.
White's plan: Try to exchange pieces (Even if this counts sacrficing an exchange) and get his King out of a jumbled mess, by re-orginizing his pieces to try to help take a better defensive position or a good stand. White's negatives: 1. Kh1 is stuck and is forced to look into the killing eye of Ba8. 2. His Qc2, Be2, Rf1, and Ne3 are all jumbled up, practically doing nothing.
1.f3 exf3 2.Bxf3 ... [2.Bxd3 f2+ wins.]
2...Bxf3+ 3.Rxf3 Qe4 4.Qe2 ... [4.Qd1 Kf8 Black King must move of the e-file. 4...Ne1 doesn't work, since 5. Qxe1 Qxf3+ 6. Ng2+ and the is not CLEAR. 5.h4 Ne1 6.Qxe1 Qxf3+ 7.Kh2 Qxf4+ 8.Kh3 (8.Kh1 Qf3+ 9.Kh2 f5 This goes into the same line when White played 8. Kh3 Black wins.) 8...Qf3+ 9.Kh2 f5 10.c4 f4 11.Qb4+ Kf7 Black gains a tempo since White cannot check on this move. This is fatal for White. Black wins. 12.Ng4 (12.Qe1 fxe3 wins.) 12...Rxg4 wins.]
4...Kf8 Preparing to move the crushing blow: ...Ne1 But of course Black cannot do this right away or else White plays Qxb5+. Now when White takes b5 with his Queen he will not give check and Black will get a extra tempo.
5.h4 Rg3 White is lost"

Correct solutions:
John - 20 points
Andy Y - 18 points
Joshua - 14 points
Karl, Andy Q - 12 points
Nathaniel - 10 points
Wilson - 8 points
Alex, Marcus - 6 points
Humphrey - 2 points


John - 328 points
Joshua - 316 points
Andy Qian - 308 points
Karl - 265 points
Andy Yee - 261 points
Jeremy - 235 points
Mark - 223 points
James - 187 points
Wilson - 168 points
Humphrey - 114 points
Marcus - 107 points
Katerina - 87 points
Jacky - 80 points
Nathaniel - 63 points
Joanne, Alex Ge - 21 points
Darren - 20 points
Jin-Lang - 1 point


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