Puzzle of the week #7

Chess Diagram: 


This week we are going back in time to revisit a game between 2 local girls: Alexandra Botez (White) and Lesley Cheung. Their game was played during the Chess by the Sea girls tournament, on Sep 25th, 2004. Chess by the Sea is a girls only tournament with a great tradition in Vancouver, having been played every year for a long time. It is too bad we do not keep our tradition alive by passing it on to the new generation. If anyone thought girls do not deserve enough attention, this puzzle might seriously challenge that opinion! White has an extra, passed pawn; however it looks like Black has managed to stop it, threatening to win the weak "d5" pawn after exchanging "Bd8" for "Nc3". White saw that and had a big dilemma to solve: what should she do here? See diagram.
White to move and win.
In the real game White chose the wrong idea and lost the game. Can you win it? The answer will be published next week together with puzzle #8.

Puzzle #6 solution:
Last week's puzzle had a solid connection between the solution and answer to the extra question. White should threaten first eliminating the Black pawn; once it would achieve that, it could be an easy win. However the White King is out of the square, so he should also do his best to join the other White pieces on the Queen side for creating a mating net. Doesn't this look like 2 tasks in 2 different directions? Yes it does. The answer to the bonus question is: the old Romanian saying is not applicable, as the solution must be doing the opposite, meaning chasing both tasks in the same time. Let's see if we can work this out:
1.Ke6 ... threatens Kf5 to win the pawn but also comes closer to Black's King
1... h4 2.Kd5 ... threatens Ke4 to win the pawn but also comes closer to Black's King. It is interesting to point out that here no matter what Black does White wins
2... h3 3.Kc4! h2 4.Bb4 h1=Q 5.b3# Beautiful mate ain't it?

Correct solutions (perfect):
Jeremy - 2.0 points
Partial correct solutions (mistakes, not finished):
Jacob, John D, Algerd, Bryant, Frank, David, Katerina - 1.0 point

6.0 Bryant and Jeremy
5.0 John D and Jacob
4.5 David
4.0 Karl
3.5 Matthew and Frank
2.5 Algerd
1.5 Jakab, Joanne, Karen, Nicholas and Katerina
0.5 Alejandro, Vera, Mark, Kenneth and West


Passed pawns (2)