Puzzle of the week #87

Chess Diagram: 

[Event "Puzzle #87"][Date "2009.09.11"][Result "1-0"][SetUp "1"][FEN "1k1r4/r4p2/1q2p1p1/2bnP2p/pp1pBP2/3R1Q2/PPP2BPP/1K1R4 w - - 0 34"]{Choice A} 34.Bxd4 ({Choice B} 34.Bxd5) ({Choice C} 34.Ka1)

Being able to react normal while under pressure is a big quality in chess and life in general. Nobody likes to be attacked and the instinct makes you react in unexpected ways during real life situation; playing chess can help you with that, as you become used to the back and forth game situations of being under attack or counter-attack.
Today we look at the end of the game between Csaba Balogh - Victor Manuel Vehi Bach, Plovdiv, 2008 Black's position looks excellent with those 3 pawns in the center and on the Queen side; with his last move 33... Ne7-d5 Black brought into the action his last piece and threatens to simply finish off the game with a decisive attack. What would you do here as White? Would you just sit and defend, hoping for things to go your way? Would you counter attack while keeping your cool?
1. I will give you a hint this time by asking you to choose the best continuation starting with:
A) 34.Bxd4 ... or
B) 34.Bxd5 ... or
C) 34.Ka1 ...
2. Explain your solution

Total available points for this puzzle is 20. The answers will be published next week together with puzzle #88.

Puzzle #86 solution:
Almost all solvers found the answer, each one in his own way. The most interesting answer I got this time was from Karl. Karl wrote:
a) No, pushing the pawn was not a good idea; see solution
b) Knowing you, you probably gave us a puzzle with something that looks obvious. Since it looks obvious, there's probably a twist in it, because usually you give us puzzles that are not always as they seem. So, that gives me the first part of my solution: Black is trying to lure White into a trap, but actually Black is falling into a trap himself. So I came up with this solution, because you said that Black is planning to skewer White. So, if White pretends to fall for it, then White can save the game (in a weird way). That is exactly what happened in my solution.

Thanks Karl! It is nice to be an inspiration for your answer :-)

[Event "Puzzle #86"][Date "2009.09.18"][Result "1/2-1/2"][SetUp "1"][FEN "1R6/8/8/5k2/5p2/1p5r/4K3/8 b - - 0 1"]1...b2? 2.Rxb2 Rh2+ 3.Kf3 Rxb2 {Stalemate}

Correct solutions:
Rick, Jeffrey, Owen, Karl - 15 points
Andy Q - 14 points
James, Wilson - 2 points

Rick, Jeffrey, Owen, Karl - 15 points
Andy Q - 14 points
James, Wilson - 2 points

The winners of our summer puzzle solving contest were:
1. Andy Q - 160 points
2. Rick - 140 points
3. Jeremy - 88 points


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