Top Students

Last updated: 24-Mar-2015


Rewarding hard work and great results is the pleasant part of our complete chess package. It is not easy to setup attainable, yet valuable and meaningful goals for most students. This is the reason why we are always looking into new ways to reward the best of them.

Our current system takes into consideration the following categories of results (click on each category label to jump there)

INTERNATIONAL Private members from around the World
Team CANADA Club/ private members selected for team Canada at least once
NATIONAL Club/ private members awarded medals at least once
PROVINCIAL Club/ private members awarded medals at least once
CLUB Club Champions for their respective level at least once

We used to keep track of Canadian Youth Chess Championship (CYCC) participations outside of the top 3/ medal positions but since qualifying was not mandatory for entering a tournament of such level (anyone could go and join if they had the money and desire), we have decided to stop monitoring it for the time being.

A player can be listed in more than one category as applicable. All categories have been now separated for clarity.

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