Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we are running the following activities:

  • Web presence - all year long
  • Golden Knights Chess Club - weekly meetings
  • Consulting/ partnership for other chess clubs - all year long
  • Private lessons tutoring - weekly meetings
  • Coaching individual players and school teams - as required
  • Chess apps for iPhone and iPad
  • Selling chess supplies - all year long
  • Event coordination - as required
  • Workshops - as required
  • Acting as Tournament Director (TD) - as required

Eugen has been playing chess since 1974 while he was in grade 4. He has hands-on experience gained on 2 continents: Europe and North America. His teaching and coaching experience with kids and juniors (between 6 to 18 years old) began back in 1994 and it is growing steadily ever since.

Felicia is an experienced event coordinator for large events up to 100,000 people such as "Show and Shine, New Westminster", the annual "Romanian festival" and various multicultural festivals around Lower Mainland, BC.

Our entire activity is coordinated by:

  • Valer Eugen Demian (FIDE CM and Instructor, ICCF International Master)
  • Felicia Costea-Demian (Human Resources and Event Coodinator)

together with our selected instructors and partners as applicable.

We are a family owned and operated Canadian business from Vancouver, British Columbia providing solutions for all your chess needs. Our areas of expertise include (but are not limited to):

  • lessons (see our curriculum)
  • testing (see our curriculum)
  • workshops
  • coaching
  • tournament organizing
  • club activity
  • event coordinating
  • chess apps for iPhone and iPad

and many more. Please contact us for details!